Journalists want news. Businesses want coverage.  When those two needs meet, you’re in ’The Blarney Zone’ and you get a great piece of news coverage. But often businesses forget about the essential ingredient – ‘news’.

Enter The Blarney Zone, an online video course created of two Irishmen that want to teach businesses ‘the gift of the gab’ – online marketing expert Ken McGaffin and award-winning journalist and author Geoff Hill.

“These days fewer journalists have to do more work and they simply don’t have time to read poor press releases. They want perfect press releases that are good to go first time,” said Geoff.

“The problem is that businesses think too much about the coverage they want and not enough about the news story a journalist will want to write. But learn to create almost perfect releases, get them published, and build lasting relationships with key journalists,” said Ken.

“So we invented The Blarney Zone, a unique course which creates the sweet spot where marketers produce what journalists want so that everyone’s happy.”

In the 10-part course, Ken and Geoff spell out:

  • Why journalists need fewer but better press releases more than ever
  • How you can make them go: “Wow! I didn’t know that! Tell me more” every single time
  • What a dead Greek philosopher can teach you about creating great stories
  • How to pitch stories to journalists and cultivate relationships so that you become the go-to guy in your chosen field
  • How to use the magic of SEO and keywords to create a huge online presence

 “If students get as much fun and inspiration out of following the course as we did creating it, they’ll have a ball and wonder what all the fuss was about,” said Geoff.

And why did they call it The Blarney Zone?

“Because Blarney is Ireland’s international symbol of the powers of infinite persuasion. Everyone who kisses the stone in the wall of Blarney Castle is blessed with the gift of the gab, and we’ve not only kissed it, we’ve had a lifelong affair with it,” said Ken.

In other words, it’s your 10 easy steps to global media domination – the Irish way.

You can find out more about the course by following this link: The Blarney Zone – Online PR Video Course

About Geoff and Ken

Geoff Hill is an award-winning journalist and the author of nine best selling and critically acclaimed books, including novels, travel books and accounts of epic motorbike trips. 

He's either won or been shortlisted for a UK travel writer of the year award nine times, as well as winning European and World travel writer of the year awards, UK feature writer of the year awards, and a Northern Ireland journalist of the year award.

He writes a motorbike column for several UK and international newspapers and magazines which are a weekly attempt to hide the fact that in spite of riding motorbikes all over the world, he still knows nothing about them. 

He is also the editor of a flying magazine, in spite of knowing even less about aeroplanes. 

He’s been teaching journalists, authors and PR and marketing professionals the art of writing great press releases, features and speeches for years.

He lives in a Victorian town house in Belfast with his long-suffering wife Cate, a hammock, a baffled cat and the ghost of a flatulent Great Dane.


Ken McGaffin always had a knack of attracting publicity – ever since the age of 13 when he grabbed headlines in the Sports section of the local paper (even though he didn’t play any sports). He served as CMO of Wordtracker for 7 years and his work has been covered in, New York Times, BBC, Financial Times, Marketing Week, Huffington Post, and many other publications.