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With so many incredible online shops lighting up the web, it can be difficult to pinpoint a dozen illuminating examples of brilliant ecommerce, nevermind five! However, after hours of contemplation I’ve managed to pick five of my favourite sites doing great things with their online business – and the awesome entrepreneurs behind them.

The Blissful Dog

The Blissful Dog owner with 2 dogs
credit: Shopify

credit: Shopify

Creator: Kathy Dannel Vitcak

The Blissful Dog has one simple mission: to keep dogs looking and feeling good. Thanks to a line of doggy shea butters, specifically designed by creator Kathy Dannel Vitcak to help soothe dry dog noses, Kathy has turned her love of dogs into a successful business.

Featured on this Life Lessons From Entrepreneurs Over 50 list, Kathy spoke on shunning retirement for life as an online business owner.

“Retirement, what’s THAT? I Googled it and that’s probably not going to be for me. I’ll let you know. We are actively paying off our farm faster and stashing away what we can for that mythical retirement time”.

Her site features a range of specific dog products, from paw butter to dog aromatherapy, all of which have highly visible product reviews from her very happy customers. Kathy’s site is impressive because she has a firm understanding of her consumers and has found herself a profitable niche.

Fred Jourdain


credit: Fred Jourdain

Creator: Fred Jourdain

Fred Jourdain is a French comic book artist and illustrator who sells his eerie graphic prints on his online shop. An exciting artist, Fred’s work is award nominated in many categories, while his first album won him the Bédéis Causa – Réal Fillion Award.

This site is a feast for the eyes, covered in his unique images. He makes the most of the diverse visual platforms available to him and keeps a popular Instagram and Vimeo channel, where he broadcasts creative videos.

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Norwegian Rain

Photo: T-Michael and Alexander Helle.

credit: Norwegian Rain

Creators: T-Michael and Alexander Helle

Norwegian Rain is the unlikely brain child of designer T-Michael and business graduate Alexander Helle. Both from very different disciplines, the two men have created a painfully stylish collection of men and women’s outerwear inspired by the rainy city of Bergen in Norway.

Their online shop reads like a men’s fashion magazine, with pages ripped straight from GQ, featuring beautiful imagery and web design that complements the monochrome styling of the garments.

Just as Kathy Dannel Vitcak did with The Blissful Dog, this dynamic duo created Norwegian Rain using Shopify’s online store creator, enabling them to build a professional-looking store with a dark and moody theme that perfectly matches the feel of their branding.


Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer

credit: Vice

Creators: Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer

Witchsy is an online marketplace hosting NSFW artists and their work. The site features an assortment of kitschy pieces and products too edgy for Etsy. The creators are musicians Kate Dwyer and Penelope Gazin, two creatives tired of seeing boundary-pushing art shoved off online marketplaces.

The two friends also hit the news recently, after creating a fake male CEO to head up business transactions, as a reaction to the sexism they were facing when first launching their business.

The creators are daring and their site reflects this. They embrace their USP perfectly, fully leaning into what makes them different from their more conventional competitors.

Rebel 8

Mens shirts

credit: Rebel 8

Creators: Joshy D. and Giant

Rebel 8 is a streetwear company inspired by the tattoo and graffiti community of San Francisco. It was famously set up by two friends: graffiti artist Joshy D and tattooist Giant for $500 in 2003, and has gone from strength to strength.

Rebel 8 has a long line of designs for men, women and teens, and has collaborated with celebrities such as musician Travis Barker and clothing brand Famous Stars and Straps. They have also put on local events, taking them from online shop to all-round brand experience.

This collection of entrepreneurs couldn’t be more different. They come from contrasting walks of life, are a range of ages and sell very different products — but their online shops are all brilliant examples of effective ecommerce, proving there is no ‘right’ way to do it.

Whether you sell art, clothing or doggy shea butter, be inspired by these brilliant shops and their quirky creators, and find the best way to showcase your products.

Author: Victoria Greene

Writer & Ecommerce Entrepreneur
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