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Are you looking for help in digital marketing whether in the UK or US?

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients who want to:

  • Build their digital presence and reputation within existing markets
  • Find opportunities in new markets – prioritize them and exploit them
  • Gain publicity, earn links and establish their presence in target markets – at a reasonable cost
  • Develop online content and training material that will educate their customers in getting the most from their products.

For an initial free consultation, drop me a line at ken @ or phone +44 (0)1292 440158.

My core values and the approach I take working with clients are:

  • Customer-focused – everything in marketing starts with understanding the customer – be it through research or detailed interviews with customers. I have developed new insights with perhaps every client I’ve worked with.
  • Creative – I am a highly creative problem solver and have come up with successful initiatives in all the industries I’ve worked with. This includes the concept of ‘spectacular content’ – content that is so good that it spreads and attracts attention from journalists, bloggers and customers.
  • Clients see me as a partner – not only innovative in the work I do but more than willing to share insights and methods with them. This is marked by an openness and willingness to help.
  • Make things simple and understandable to the widest audience – I love it when clients say stuff like “you have the uncanny ability to make complex processes simple”. I spend a lot of my time thinking about how best I can get people to understand.

Here’s what clients say about my training on digital marketing, link building and online PR:

“Excellent – this workshop has really moved me up the learning curve. A vast amount of information was covered extremely well in a short period of time.”
Director, WWAV Rapp Collins On writing for the web:

On search engine marketing and link building: “Outright impressive! Ken McGaffin provided several new compelling reasons why linking building is a critical component to business success and the roadmap to get there. His concepts and suggestions are transparent and his presentation style is thoroughly enjoyable.”
Ross Jenkins, Lead Information Analyst, People’s Bank

“Ken’s course on Writing for the Web makes us see how something so seemingly simple as web text can make or break a website. He explains what to do, clearly, logically and with genuine passion and enthusiasm. He uses your actual website issues, not just stock examples. Informative and enjoyable.”
Stephanie Ackland, Managing Director, The Writers Agency Ltd

To discuss training – either in-person workshops or on-demand video training – give me a call on 01292 440158 or drop me a line at ken @

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