Writing for the Web

Poorly written website copy loses business and drives customers away The web is a text driven medium yet many website managers concentrate on design and give scant attention to the words on a page. This is a mistake. In this workshop you’ll learn why improving the writing on your website is the single most effective step you can take to improving your results. You’ll learn what type of content you should create: how to make it search engine friendly and how to use it to convert visitors into paying customers. The course will cover:

  • Why writing for the web is different
  • The principles of good web copy
  • Writing for search engines
  • Writing for sales conversion
  • Writing for Blogs
  • Planning web content
  • The importance of a forward publishing plan

To book this course give me a call on 01292 440158 or drop me a line at
ken @ kenmcgaffin.com.

Here’s what participants have said about this course:

“Ken’s course on Writing for the Web makes us see how something so seemingly simple as web text can make or break a website. He explains what to do, clearly, logically and with genuine passion and enthusiasm. He uses your actual website issues, not just stock examples. Informative and enjoyable.”
Stephanie Ackland, Managing Director, The Writers Agency Ltd

“Ken’s course was excellent. Most courses are either long on theory and short on practical advice, or just offer a bran-tub of hints and tips without much context. ‘Writing for the Web’ managed to pack in enough practical advice AND put it in context. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s one of the most valuable courses I’ve been on. Ken is an excellent presenter – clear, flexible and able to impart the great amount of knowledge and experience he possesses.”
Mark McArthur-Christie, Creative Director, Freeman Christie

“An enlightening experience, which will open your eyes to a whole new experience of marketing and writing for the web. After 18 years as a journalist on national and international broadcast media, this week was like being reborn.”
Staff Delegate, University of Westminster

Ken McGaffin can deliver exciting workshops, conference presentations and in-house training. Email ken @ kenmcgaffin.com or phone 01292 440158.

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